Our Values

Total Inclusivity

Here at EduTravel, we strongly believe that travel within an educational context, and learning through experience, helps to open young minds and bridge social and cultural divides. We also understand that every student is unique, possesses different needs, and faces different obstacles. We strive to ensure that the services we provide are accessible and totally inclusive to every student regardless of their socio-economic status, physical ability, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, or any special need. EduTravel leaves no student behind on our way towards a more inclusive society. We encourage you to discuss any financial challenges or obstacles with your EduTravel consultant to explore financial support options or great fundraising programs within your community. 

Social Justice

EduTravel is committed to providing teachers and students with a fun and curriculum-focused itinerary and we place a strong emphasis on critical thinking, with the inclusion of social justice components. We encourage all trip planners to ask your EduTravel consultant how you may enrich your curriculum and overall learning experience by including a relevant social justice component. Examples from past trips include a visit to the United Nations in New York, the Tolerance Museum in Los Angeles, the Black History Museum in Washington DC, the Aboriginal Experience in Ottawa, “Women are Persons” focus on Parliament Hill, or even the opportunity to volunteer with a local community project!

The Local Experience

We believe that the best way to inspire and educate student travellers is to provide them with the “local experience”. This means hiring local tour guides, eating the best local cuisine, engaging students in local customs and traditions through participation, and immersing our students in the local environment. Our focus on the local experience not only grants students with the opportunity to make the most of their time in a destination, but it honours our Triple Bottom Line  by supporting local communities with our travel dollars and promoting cultural traditions. The local experience gives us the opportunity to remunerate local businesses, families, and ultimately, aids in the development of the local economy.

Environmental Impact

EduTravel is committed to partnering with suppliers who share our values regarding sustainable travel. These partnerships allow us to offset our carbon footprint and make amends through green initiatives and donations.

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