The EduTravel Advantage

It’s Easy With Us


EduTravel has a unique advantage within the travel industry – we have a team of Ontario Certified Teachers and curriculum professionals working on each itinerary. We ensure that your trip complies with the specific travel expectations set out by the Ontario boards of education. If you want to know how your customized itinerary directly correlates to specific curriculum expectations, we’ll make the connections for you. We are happy to provide you with a comprehensive set of learning tools tailored specifically for your trip.

Booking a parent information night with us is easy; pick a date and an EduTravel travel consultant will present important information about the trip to parents and students, right at your school. We will explain the safety features, itinerary, transportation, accommodation, insurance, payments and answer any questions that parents (and students) may have. Flexible registration options, such as online credit card payments, are also available to make it easy for the parents and for you, because no one likes to track down payments.

You Are Protected

We share our top priority: the safety and well-being of all students and teachers. All EduTravel tours are protected with comprehensive General Liability and Errors and Omissions insurance coverage. EduTravel also offers the option of reliable and professional night supervision for student travellers at every destination. Furthermore, EduTravel provides every passenger with customized nametags and lanyards that include pertinent safety information. Prior to all trips, parents also receive our 24-hour dispatch number, which assures your child is always one phone call away. Traveling students also have the option to book cancellation insurance, as well as comprehensive health insurance coverage if traveling outside of Ontario.

Our Triple Bottom Line

EduTravel has worked hard to develop long-term relationships with our suppliers, which provides us (and you!) with favourable benefits. Our dedication to the triple-bottom-line ensures transparency and holds EduTravel accountable to all stakeholders involved in our tours. We thrive on positive and mutually-beneficial relationships, which have lasting positive effects on the travel industry, local communities, and the students and teachers we serve. We are proud of our business model, and are confident that we provide superior quality customized tours at competitive prices.

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