Discover unique ecosystems and explore environmental sustainability.

    • Environment

      Venture through lush landscapes to explore truly unique ecosystems and an astounding variety of animal and plant life. Glance back at Canadian geologic history by analyzing Niagara Falls’ rate of flow; then, hike down into the Niagara Gorge to discover Canadian flora and fauna. Learn hands-on ways to sustain a healthy planet while snorkeling through Fiji’s vibrant coral reefs, and examine the devastating effects of coral bleaching on the local ecosystem. In the Dominican Republic, visit the Ministry of Environmental Forestry School to learn about the government’s efforts to maintain a sustainable ecosystem, manage resources, and improve the environment. At the solar-powered Taino Farm you’ll see aquaponics and permaculture in action.  Make connections across the world, take part in local traditions, and give your students the experience of working collaboratively to build a better future for our shared planet. 

    • Gallery

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    Itinerary Highlights


    • Coral Reef Conservation
    • Colo-I-Suva Rainforest National Park
    • Tour the facilities of Government Research Stations
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    Dominican Republic

    • El Choco National Park
    • Visit a Cocoa Plantation
    • Visit an Organic Farm

    Niagara Falls

    • Butterfly Conservatory
    • Botanical Gardens
    • Hornblower Niagara Falls boat tour
    • Journey Behind the Falls
    • Niagara Glen hike
    • Bike tour of Niagara-on-the-Lake
    • Vineyard tour
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