Visual and Media Arts

Explore a world of artistic expression.

    • Visual and Media Arts

      Explore a world of artistic expression. Deepen your understanding of the ways in which art affects values, beliefs, and the history of cultures and society. Glimpse Mona Lisa’s elusive smile at the Louvre in Paris, or marvel at Michaelangelo’s masterpiece at the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City. Explore the iconic curving halls of the Guggenheim in New York City, or bring your sketchbook to the MOMA and participate in a hands-on art workshop. For the design-conscious, check out the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator, a hub of ethical fashion, or experience an enlightening Q+A session with a design professional. Don’t forget to bring your camera!


    • Gallery

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    Itinerary Highlights

    New York City

    • Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • Graffiti Tour
    • Museum of the Moving Image
    • Museum of Modern Art
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    • Art Gallery of Ontario
    • Kensington Market and Chinatown
    • Graffiti Tour
    • McMichael Canadian Art Gallery
    • Gardener Museum
    • Bata Shoe Museum
    • Campus tour at OCAD
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    • Architecture boat cruise
    • Art Institute of Chicago
    • Workshop at the National Museum of Mexican Art 
    • Print Viewing at the Museum of Contemporary Photography
    • Frank Lloyd Wright House
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    • Fallingwater
    • Andy Warhol Museum
    • Carnegie Museum of Art
    • Westmoreland Museum of American Art

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