Abundant coral reefs and an untouched natural environment offer amazing educational experiences!

    • Fiji 

      Fiji is the perfect location to introduce your students to the incredible world of Marine Biology. Abundant in colourful coral reefs, white sand beaches and untouched natural environment, Fiji offers amazing opportunities for hands-on educational experiences and eco-tourism adventures. Trek through the rainforest on a guided flora and fauna hike, then take to the water for a guided tour of a completely different world – snorkel in pristine coral reefs then compare them to bleached areas and analyze the impact coral bleaching has on the local ecosystem. Visit a shark conservation area to learn about their important to the Pacific Islanders. Frolic on the Sigakoka Sand Dunes before heading to a white-sand beach for a BBQ lunch, beach volleyball, kayaking, or paddle boarding. Participate in a seminar on marine life conservation then volunteer with a local organization to plant coral reefs and mangroves, or rid the beaches of plastic ocean debris. Finally, visit local villages to get to know new people and make connections across the world, take part in local Fijian traditions, then try your hand at cooking the local cuisine.


    Curriculum Connections


    • Coral reef conservation
    • Colo-I-Suva Rainforest National Park
    • Tour the facilities of Government Research Stations
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