The EduTravel Experience

Experiential Learning Model

On every EduTravel trip, students acquire valuable knowledge and skills. Students take responsibility for their own learning as they inquire into the broader world around them, while exercising independence and organizational skills. No matter the destination, your students will engage in a type of learning that they will never forget.

So, what does Experiential Learning look like?

Students ask questions and participate in thoughtful discussions with fun and engaging local step-on guides, who are experts in their destination. 

During exclusive workshops, students take part in engaging and enriching discussions with guest speakers on topics relevant to both the destination and the curriculum.

Students learn to overcome their fears in a safe and engaging environment.

Students learn about local culture and identity by establishing relationships with local communities and participating in their traditions and festivals. 

Students take responsibility for their independence by listening to and following instructions. 

Students participate in recreational activities that inspire healthy and active living in beautiful, natural environments. 

Students gain an awareness of social issues within communities by participating in local volunteer initiatives. 

Students develop long-lasting friendships, reinforced with each new experience. 

Students gain an awareness and appreciation for the natural environment and for the finite resources on our planet, by participating in research and conservation initiatives with qualified program leaders. 

Students earn a sense of independence while exploring new and exciting destinations with their friends and classmates.

Students develop leadership and teamwork skills through group-based assignments.

Students create memories that will last long after graduation, and that will inspire them to become life-long learners with an itch for travel.

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